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This table is designed to provide information to students, parents, teachers, researchers and members of the wider community in relation to the 151 former Perth Modern School students who died as a result of their service to Australia in times of conflict.


The table can be sorted on each column. For example, clicking on the heading in the “Age at Death” cell will quickly show that Frank Williamson was the youngest to die at 17 years 10 months and Reg Fenn was the oldest at 41 years 11 months. Two-column sorting can also be undertaken. For example, clicking on “Last Name” and then “Conflict” will produce a list by conflict in alphabetical order by last name.


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Former Perth Modern school students who died as a result of their service in World War 1, World War 2, Malaya and Vietnam.

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First NamesLast NameYears at Modern SchoolDate of BirthDate of Death Age at Death ConflictServiceService NoUnitFinal RankPlace of DeathAwardsCemetery or MemorialDetails of DeathCauseRoll of HonourHome SuburbReferences and CommentsRecords Available on NAA Website?NAA Link
Ronald EllisOfford27/01/3511/09/62 27y,7m MalayaRAAF5290278 WingFlight LieutenantButterworth - Birdstrike on takeoff from Butterworth in Sabre A94-958. Ejected, chute did not deploy, killed on impact.YesView
Alan LeslieDuncuff08/03/4825/10/69 21y,7m VietnamArmy57162281st Field SquadronSapperLo Gom - Alambie Park, AlbanyClearing a booby trap at Lo Gom while attached to 6RARNo
Edward William GeorgeHards28/02/4702/08/69 22y,5m VietnamArmy515835Royal Australian InfantryPrivateHollywood, Perth - Karrakatta, PerthDied of illness in Repatriation General Hospital, Hollywood, Perth, after return from Vietnam.No
Brian Richard AlanJones18/04/4810/04/71 22y,11m VietnamArmy557802 SAS Squadron, RA Infantry2nd LieutenantVietnam - Alice Springs MemorialMistakenly killed in Vietnam while on a clearing patrol when establishing night laager.No
John ShawAnderson1911-1402/03/9601/08/1519y,4mWW1Army150411th BattalionLance CorporalGallipoli - Shell Green Cemetery, GallipoliKilled during an attack on Tasmania Post, south of Lone Pine, Gallipoli. Died with Marshall Fox.YesView
ArthurBacon191224/09/9618/09/1821y,11mWW1Army228716th BattalionLance CorporalFrance - Jeancourt Communal Cemetery ExtensionKilled in action near Bellenglise, France, on the last day of battle for the 16th Battalion in WW1.YesView
LeslieBlechynden1911-1428/10/9701/07/1719y,8mWW1Army288248th BattalionPrivateBelgium - Underhill Farm, BelgiumKilled by a shell at Hill 63 near Messines, Belgium.YesView
PercivalBoland1912-1307/02/9528/06/1520y,4mWW1Army63511th BattalionPrivateGallipoli - Shell Green Cemetery, GallipoliKilled on Silt Spur supporting an attack on Sniper's Ridge, Gallipoli.YesView
LouisBromham1912-1319/07/9709/08/1821y,0mWW1Army72025th Machine Gun BattalionCorporalFrance - Heath Cemetery, Harbonnières, FranceKilled by a sniper near Harbonnières, France, on the second day of the 100 Days Offensive.YesView
DouglasChidgzey191215/05/9630/04/1821y,11mWW1Army311110th Light HorseTrooperPalestine - Jerusalem Memorial, IsraelKilled near Es Salt, Palestine.YesView
Hobart DouglasFirns191118/06/9529/08/1520y,2mWW1Army11010th Light HorseTrooperGallipoliLone Pine Memorial to the Missing, GallipoliKilled in the Battle of Hill 60 on Gallipoli.YesView
Marshall TrigellisFox1911-1416/02/9601/08/1519y,5mWW1Army146211th BattalionPrivateGallipoliShell Green Cemetery, GallipoliKilled during an attack on Tasmania Post, south of Lone Pine, Gallipoli. Died with John Anderson.YesView
JamesGibson1912-1326/03/9601/06/1822y,2mWW1Army473728th BattalionPrivateFranceFranvillers Communal Cemetery ExtensionFrance YesView
GeorgeHall191130/06/9419/04/1722y,9mWW1Army230110th Light HorseTrooperPalestineGaza War CemeteryPalestineYesView
Thomas CarsonHarvey1911-1428/06/9625/07/1620y,0mWW1Army262012th BattalionPrivateFranceVillers-Bretonneux MemorialFrance - PozieresYesView
Charles ThomasJohnson1911-1230/10/9509/06/1721y,7mWW1Army301748th BattalionLance CorporalBelgiumMenin Gate MemorialBelgiumYesView
Henry ClauseLadyman191117/03/9010/01/1726y,9mWW1Army288210th Light HorseTrooperPalestineJerusalem Memorial, IsraelPalestineYesView
Herbert GeorgeLiddington1911-1301/06/9628/09/1721y,3mWW1Army317832nd BattalionCorporalBelgiumMenin Gate MemorialYesView
LeslieLittle191128/08/9614/08/1619y,11mWW1Army493951st BattalionPrivateFranceSerre Road #2, Beaumont HamelFrance, at Mouquet FarmYesView
Clarence ArnoldManuel1912-1408/10/9708/08/1820y,10mWW1Army172743rd BattalionSergeantFrance - Villers-Bretonneux MemorialEast of Le Hamel, Picardy, France YesView
Leslie HaroldMedbury1912-1401/07/9808/07/1820y,0mWW1Army327046th BattalionPrivateFranceVillers-Bretonneux MemorialFrance, near VauxYesView
George Hetherington Milner1911-1308/10/9605/07/1619y,8mWW1Army73544th BattalionPrivateAt sea - Hollybrook Memorial, Southampton, EnglandAt sea en route to Plymouth, UKYesView
Henry Howard Mitchell1911-1223/05/9720/09/1720y,3mWW1Army342911th BattalionPrivateBelgiumMenin Gate MemorialYesView
JohnRegan191104/02/9507/08/1520y,6mWW1Army46310th Light HorseTrooperGallipoliChatby Military Cemetery, Alexandria, EgyptGallipoli - may have died of wounds in Egypt - check NAAYesView
Ivor BevanRhys1911-1521/02/9717/04/1821y,1mWW1Army33105th Australian Pioneer BattalionPrivateFranceBlangy-Tronville Communal Cemetery, Picardie, FranceYesView
Gladstone John BerryRoyce1911-1322/10/9629/07/1821y,9mWW1Army452528th BattalionPrivateUKNetley Military Cemetery, Hampshire, EnglandDied of wounds in UKYesView
Noel George Sainsbury191117/11/9529/07/1620y,8mWW1Army199528th BattalionPrivateFranceVillers-Bretonneux MemorialLewis gunner in attack on Poziere, wounded in leg, captured, murdered by a German officer for being a machine gunner.YesView
IsadoreSteinberg1911-1221/03/9620/04/1620y,0mWW1Army22189th BattalionPrivateFranceRue-Du-Bacquerot (13th London) Graveyard, LaventieYesView
David WalterStewart191116/03/9418/06/1723y,3mWW1Army178344th BattalionSergeantBelgiumBethleem Farm East Cemetery, Flanders, BelgiumYesView
Ernest DanielTimmings191109/12/9526/02/2731y,2mWW1Army17444Army Pay Corps CorporalVictoria ParkKarrakatta, PerthGassed in 1917, died of tuberculosis and heart failure in 1927 in Edward Millen Repat Hospital, Perth.YesView
FrankWilliamson191128/10/9803/09/1617y,10mWW1Army395451st BattalionPrivateFrance - Regina Trench, Grandcourt, FranceFrance, at Mouquet FarmYesView
Albion Staple ColinWilson1914-1713/10/9914/12/1819y,2mWW1Army628903rd ReinforcementsPrivateWoodman Point - Karrakatta, PerthAustralia - Woodman PointNo YesView
HenryWulff191118/03/9423/04/2228y,1mWW1Army732816th BattalionWarrant Officer Class 1Victoria Park - Karrakatta, PerthContracted tuberculosis, died in Edward Millen Repatriation Hospital in Victoria Park.No YesView
Charles VernonAnderson1929-3324/04/1619/02/41 24y,9m WW2RAAF187525 SquadronPilot OfficerFremantle, WAPerth (Karrakatta) WATraining accident off FremantleAccidentNarroginNo
Eric GeorgeBamkin193708/02/2108/06/43 22y,4m WW2RAAF406387454 SquadronFlight LieutenantTobruk, LibyaTobruk, LibyaFlying over TobrukOperationsMaylandsYesView
Richard StewartBennett1937-4013/10/2421/03/45 20y,5m WW2RAAF436327463 SquadronFlying OfficerTrachenau, Germany1939-45 War Cemetery, BerlinLancaster PB845 shot down near Trachenau, near Bohlen.OperationsYesView
Robert Alexander WaltonBlair1935-3918/01/2217/06/44 22y,4m WW2RAAF41549877 SquadronPilot OfficerAmsterdam, NetherlandsRunnymedeHalifax 508 crashed in flames near Amsterdam on a bombing mission from York to Sterkrade in the Ruhr.OperationsNo
Ernest CharlesBonds1934-3726/04/2112/01/4523y,8mWW2ArmyWX116916th Divisional Signals CompanyLance CorporalAitape, New GuineaLae, Papua New GuineaContracted cerebral malaria in Aitape, died at 104 Casualty Clearing Station, buried in Aitape.OperationsYesView
Frederick BritainBorrett1931-3216/11/1419/08/42 27y,9m WW2RAAF402104HQ RAF Middle EastFlight SergeantOshogbo, NigeriaOshogbo, NigeriaBlenheim BA597 lost in a squall near Ogbodisho while on an aircraft delivery flight from Lagos to Kano in Nigeria.OperationsMt Lawley"Kokoda Air Strikes" pp151-2No
Richard DesmondBrowne1933-3402/03/1808/08/45 27y,5m WW2RAAF4060251 Squadron, KingaroySquadron LeaderLabuanLabuan, Sabah, MalaysiaMissing believed killed, air operations Sarawak River, BorneoOperationsPerthYesView
Manson William FrankButcher1936-3918/09/2211/02/42 19y,4m WW2ArmyWX177552/4th Machine Gun BattalionPrivateSingaporeSingaporeDisembarked in Singapore 24/1/42, missing in action 11/2/42, presumed on 19/3/46 KIA on 11/2/42.OperationsNo YesView
Alfred WilliamBuxton1933-3516/09/1908/09/43 23y,11m WW2RAAF406992103 SquadronFlight SergeantWymeswoldeOxford (Botley), UKCrashed during air test at Wymeswolde, Leicester, UK. Lancaster III, JB153AccidentNo
Alexander JohnCain1928-3118/12/1419/11/41 26y,11m WW2RAAF40613845 SquadronFlying OfficerNear Tobruk, LibyaAlamein MemorialBlenheim C7510 was one of six bombers raiding Sidi Rezegh aerodrome in Libya - failed to return, never found.OperationsYesView
Colin BlairCampbell1934-3709/10/2015/08/43 22y,10m WW2RAAF406431455 SquadronWarrant Officer NorwayRunnymedeHampden AE378 was one of three aircraft reconnoitering the Norwegian coast on 15/8/43. It failed to return. OperationsYesView
William IanCass1935-3705/02/2203/03/42 20y,0m WW2RAAF40643232 SquadronSergeantNew BritainRabaulHudson A16-101 did not return from a night bombing mission to Gasmata, New Britain.OperationsYesView
Frank LlewellynCharleston192217/12/0512/09/43 37y,8m WW2ArmyWX45862/3rd Machine Gun BattalionWarrant Officer Class 2ThailandKanchanaburi, ThailandDied from illness as POWOperationsYesView
Norman BaxterClark 1938-3921/05/2104/11/42 21y,5m WW2RAAF40671232 SquadronSergeantWollongong, NSWWollongongHudson A16-173 crashed near Wollongong when returning from a reconnaissance mission looking for Jap sub.OperationsYesView
Colin SewellClark 1926-2812/10/1213/04/45 32y,6m WW2ArmyWX3489616 Battalion CMFActing SergeantNew BritainRabaul (Bita Paka), PNGKIA near Bulus in New Britain. Body not recovered.OperationsBeverley, WAYesView
Lawrence HenryClarke1934-3712/09/2121/07/43 21y,10m WW2RAAF427845No 4 Service Flying Training SchoolLeading AircraftmanGeraldton, WAGeraldtonTrainee in Anson R3550 crashed on taking off at Georgina near Geraldton at about 3:45pm - died of injuries.AccidentNo
William EdwardCollins1936-3908/05/2201/11/45 23y,5m WW2RAAF427848 No. 5 Service Flying Training SchoolsFlying OfficerMoruya, NSWMoruya, NSWAnson EG446, aircraft overloaded, structural failure when farewell shoot-up attempted.AccidentNoView
Paulus SenorCoronel1924-2529/06/1525/09/44 29y,2m WW2RAAF4275021665 ConversionFlight SergeantNorthumberland, UKHarrogate (Stonefall), UKStirling III, EE932, training accident, crashed in Cheviot Hills, Northumberland, UK, while flying in low cloud. AccidentPerth
Bernard BartonCresswell1926-2830/11/1217/04/42 29y,4m WW2RAAF8275 SquadronSquadron LeaderNew GuineaLae, Papua New GuineaShot down on his first mission while heading down the Watut Valley on approach to Wau, near Bulwa..OperationsYesView
Clement Cyril Dacey1931-3224/09/1417/10/43 29y,0m WW2RAAF406591458 SquadronWarrant OfficerAlgeriaMalta MemorialWellington HZ755 lost on a U-boat hunt north of Cap de Fer, Algeria. Reported engine trouble, wreckage sighted.OperationsNo
John WilliamDaniell1931-3509/02/1728/02/43 26y,0m WW2RAAF14011 Squadron RAAFWing CommanderWaters south of CairnsPt Moresby MemorialCrashed in waters 56kms south of Cairns when returning from a 17-hour patrol over the Coral Sea.OperationsMt LawleyYesView
Ian KimberDarling1930-3313/11/1615/08/45 28y,9m WW2ArmyWX4842/11th BattalionPrivatePerth - Perth War Cemetery, KarrakattaHit by a car when crossing Stirling Highway at Meriwa after VJ celebrations in Perth.AccidentNo
Stewart Maitland GeorgeDavies1930-3221/12/1606/07/41 24y,6m WW2ArmyWX41352/3rd Machine Gun BattalionLance CorporalSyriaBeirut War CemeteryDied of wounds.OperationsYesView
Frederick GodfreyDavis1935-3604/07/1826/12/44 26y,5m WW2RAAF427447148 Squadron RAFFlight SergeantItalyBari, ItalyHalifax LL484, supply drop mission to Gelsha, North Yugoslavia. Engine failure, crash landing near San Vito, Italy. OperationsNo
Keith JohnsonDickinson1916-1924/12/0302/04/43 39y,3m WW2ArmyVX571672/15th Field RegimentPrivateThanbyuzayat, BurmaCom for Gallantry 2011Thanbyuzayat, BurmaShot by Japanese in Thanbyuzayat, Burma, after escape attempt and recapture.OperationsYesView
Ronald KingstonDorrington1936-3711/09/1916/03/45 25y,6m WW2RAAF419765614 SquadronFlying OfficerItalyBari, ItalyAircraft accident between Molfetta and Bosceglie, ItalyAccidentYesView
Neville WilliamDuffield1939-4018/03/2328/06/45 22y,3m WW2RAAF427617Operational Training UnitWarrant OfficerWilliamtown, NSWSydney MemorialAircraft accident off Port StephensAccidentYesView
Reginald ManvilleFenn1912-1413/12/9828/11/40 41y,11m WW2RAAFW24326010 Garrison BattalionLance CorporalSwanbourne - PerthHit by a train at Swanbourne Station - the first to die in WW2, enlisted in the Great WarAccidentNo YesView
John GodsellForeman1917-2001/03/0413/09/45 41y,6m WW2ArmyWX111412/13th Field CoyMajorTarakanMCLabuan, Sabah, MalaysiaDied of illness on Tarakan. Awarded MC while serving with British Army at Volturno River in ItalyOperationsYesView
Gordon RussellGosden1933-3503/12/2001/07/42 21y,6m WW2RAAF40684322 Service Flying Training SchoolLeading AircraftmanSouthern RhodesiaGweru, ZimbabweDied in training accident in Southern RhodesiaAccidentNo
Everard CharlesGraebner1936-3818/09/2208/04/45 22y,6m WW2RAAF43649621 Operational Training UnitFlight SergeantOxfordshire, England - Oxford (Botley), UKWellington BK133 practising night circuits and landings. Fuel starvation, pilot error, crashed 1am.AccidentYesView
Colin DaviesGrigg1929-3019/01/1423/05/42 28y,4m WW2RAAF406382113 SquadronFlying OfficerOmpi Bazaar, IndiaSingaporeBlenheim V9620, morning sortie, crashed in jungle near Ompi Bazaar, Colin's log book later recovered from wreck.OperationsNo
Robert EdmundGuthrie193328/02/1301/08/42 29y,5m WW2RAAF40664914 Operational Training UnitFlying OfficerCologne, GermanyRheinberg War CemeteryHampden P5322, bombing mission to Dusseldorf, Germany. Shot down near Cologne, Germany.OperationsYesView
John PatrickHall 1931-3302/10/1713/08/43 25y,10m WW2RAAF41503040 SquadronFlight SergeantSicily, ItalySyracuse, ItalyWellington HZ570, night attack on beaches in the Messina, Sicily, area. Likely shot down by night fighter at 9,000 feet.OperationsYesView
George AlanHalliday1933-3430/07/1609/04/45 28y,8m WW2RAAF427322466 SquadronPilot OfficerHarrogateHarrogate (Stonefall), UKHalifax LW172 returning from bombing mission to Hamburg, fog, crashed into trees while trying to locate aerodrome.OperationsYesView
Benjamin EdwinHansen1925-2724/05/1212/02/42 29y,8m WW2ArmyWX106782/4th Machine Gun BattalionSergeantMalayaKranji War Cemetery, SingaporeKIA OperationsNo
ThomasHarper1926-2822/12/1207/07/41 28y,6m WW2ArmyWX29522/16th BattalionLieutenantSyriaBeirut War CemeteryDied of wounds.OperationsMaylandsYesView
William Francis MarcusHarty1938-3917/02/2216/11/44 22y,8m WW2RAAF42719630 SquadronFlight SergeantNumfoor Island, New GuineaLae, Papua New GuineaBeaufighter A19-206 crashed on take-off from Numfoor Island, burst into flames. William died two hours later.No
Reginald VictorHarvey1933 only29/03/1615/04/41 25y,0m WW2RAAF4062463 Service Flying Training School AmberleyLeading AircraftmanMutdapilly, QldIpswich, QueenslandWirraway A20-169 dived into ground 15kms west of Amberley at Mutdapilly during air to ground bombing practice.AccidentNo
Herbert FrederickHearle1934-3624/12/2008/05/42 21y,4m WW2RAAF4067582 SquadronSergeantKupang Bay, TimorAmbon, IndonesiaHudson A16-159 shot down on a resupply mission to Timor on 13/4/42. Hearle murdered by Japanese on .OperationsYesView
George ReginaldHedley193306/05/2014/09/44 24y,4m WW2ArmyVX318074th Anti-Tank RegimentLance SergeantAt sea near Haanan IslandLabuan, Sabah, MalaysiaJap convoy HI-72 left Singapore on 4/9/44. Rakuyo Maru (1,318 POWs, 718 Aust) sunk by US submarine Sealion 12/9/42. OperationsYesView
Russell GlentworthHender1931-3312/12/1715/01/42 24y,1m WW2RAAF40610520 SquadronFlying OfficerKavieng, New IrelandRabaul Memoria, PNGlKavieng Harbour, New Ireland, Catalina A24-11OperationsNo
John Richard LoesselHill1925-2929/05/1219/08/42 30y,2m WW2RAFVR108368961 SquadronFlying OfficerWaters off DieppeRunnymede, UKSkipper of Air Sea Rescue launch 122 - attacked by six FW190's, Fired at while in the water.OperationsRunnymedeHill was one of six killed of the crew of 12. Article at
Raymond EdgarHolgate1930-3317/08/1729/10/42 25y,2m WW2RAAF40333871 Operational Training UnitFlying OfficerSummit, Sudan - Khartoum, SudanMid-air collision between two Harvard trainers (AJ 808, AJ 803). Bailed out, parachute failed to open.AccidentYesView
Charles Desmond WilsonHolmes1926-2720/02/1021/05/41 31y,3m WW2ArmyWX24932/3rd Field RegimentGunnerCrete, GreeceSuda Bay, Crete, GreeceKIAOperationsNo
Godfrey Denzil VaughanHoward1928-3008/09/1425/02/44 29y,5m WW2RAAF427327142 SquadronFlight SergeantCastelnuovo, ItalyBari, ItalyWellington on bombing mission to Steyr, Austria, crashed near Castelnuovo, Italy. Cause unknown.OperationsNo
MarmadukeHowlett1926-2805/02/1327/07/42 29y,5m WW2ArmyWX101092/28th BattalionPrivateEgyptAlamein MemorialFighting at Ruin Ridge on 27/7/42, 2/28 Battalion surrounded by tanks and infantry, cut off, 65 KIA, ~500 POW. No known grave.OperationsNo
Frederick PeterkenHunt1923-2517/10/1019/11/42 32y,1m WW2ArmyWX46182/7th Field RegimentGunnerEgyptAlexandria, EgyptOn duty with 57 Battery on coast near Alamein, air raid, wounded by splinter, treated, died from blood poisoning. OperationsBorn in Hamilton, CanadaYesView
Ian JamesIngle1936-4023/04/2306/10/44 21y,5m WW2RAAF41584831 SquadronFlying OfficerCoomalie Creek, NTAdelaide River, NTBeaufighter A19-203 crashed southeast of Coomalie Creek.No
GeoffreyIreland1928-3108/07/1503/02/44 28y,6m WW2RAAF167373 Operational Training UnitFlying OfficerSW PacificPt Moresby MemorialCatalina IB 279 went missing on a ferry flight between Suva, Fiji and Rathmines, NSW.OperationsYesView
HaroldJanney1931-3322/02/1830/03/42 24y,1m WW2RAAF406396RAF HQ Middle EastSergeantEastern Mediterranean SeaMaltaBlenheim Z9832 took off from Luqa, Malta, at 0110 hours on 30 March 1942, but failed to arrive at its destination in Egypt.OperationsYesView
Alan WilliamJeffrey1922-2505/08/0804/06/45 36y,9m WW2ArmyWX214832/23rd BattalionPrivateTarakan, BorneoLabuan, Sabah, MalaysiaClaremontPMS enrolment card, WA BDM and DVA spelling is Jeffrey, AWM is Jeffery No YesView
John EardleyKenny1935-3722/01/2214/12/43 21y,10m WW2RAAF415663100 SquadronFlight SergeantNear RabaulLae, Papua New GuineaBeaufort A9-211 went missing on operations from Goodenough Island to Rabaul, New Britain, on 14 December 1943.OperationsNo
Kenneth IrvingKersten1925-2901/05/1222/05/42 30y,0m WW2RAAF4068572 SquadronFlying OfficerAmbonAmbon, IndonesiaHudson A16-187No
Robert Ian MaxwellKing1938-3916/04/2316/08/44 21y,4m WW2RAAF4271222 SquadronFlight SergeantAmbonAmbon, IndonesiaHudson A16-230, shot down attacking a Jap convoy near Dai Island on 27/3/44, captured, murdered by Japs on Ambon. OperationsYesView
Breton Douglas NormanLangridge1934-3510/02/1908/09/42 23y,6m WW2ArmyWX15992/16th BattalionCaptainEfogi, PapuaPt Moresby (Bomana)Killed while leading a platoon charge against entrenched Japanese on Mission Ridge (AKA Brigade Hill).OperationsInglewoodNo
Richard HarrisonLee1937-4122/10/2409/02/47 22y,3m WW2ArmyWX36746Royal Australian EngineersLieutenantPerthPerthInjuries, car accident in KarrakattaAccidentNo
Donald Louthean1927-2920/04/1423/11/43 29y,7m WW2RAAF38780460 SquadronFlight SergeantLeubbin, GermanyBerlinBomb Aimer on Lancaster W4162 on mission to Berlin. Shot down by night fighters, exploded at 21,000 feet, one survivor.OperationsYesView
Alan MontgomeryLutz1936-3725/03/2006/09/43 23y,5m WW2RAAF406532156 Squadron, RAFFlight LieutenantOberhaching, Germany DFC DurnbachOberhaching, Germany. Lancaster III Y ED990OperationsNo
Robin ProudfootLutz1930-3116/08/1315/07/42 28y,10m WW2RAAF406622104 Squadron, RAFFlying OfficerEl Dabba, EgyptAlamein MemorialWellington 28658, bombing mission from Malta to Tobruk, Libya. Crashed 2m south of El Dabba on return.OperationsNo
Alfred EdwardLutz1925-2820/06/1204/03/45 32y,8m WW2RAAF4297101654 Heavy Conversion Unit, RAFPilot OfficerNottinghamshire, UKOxford (Botley), UKStapleford, Nottinghamshire, Lancaster LM748No YesView
Kenneth WilliamLyon1929-3114/10/1617/02/44 27y,4m WW2RAAF415478West KirbyFlying OfficerItalyBari War Cemetery, Bari, Apulia, ItalyYesView
Andrew WallaceLyon1928-3201/07/1404/01/45 30y,6m WW2RAAF427522148 SquadronWarrant OfficerYugoslaviaBelgrade War Cemetery, Belgrade, SerbiaYesView
Roy DavidMaconachie1934-3531/05/2003/06/45 25y,0m WW2ArmyWX98012/4th Machine Gun BattalionPrivateBorneoLabuan, Sabah, MalaysiaIllnessNo YesView
Albert FletcherManning1932-3408/11/1811/10/42 23y,11m WW2RAAF4150381st Operational Training UnitSergeantBass Strait, VictoriaSydney Memorial, Rookwood, SydneyNo
Howard ThomasManning1934-3514/09/1830/04/42 23y,7m WW2ArmyWX46092/3rd Machine Gun BattalionLance SergeantJavaSingapore MemorialExecution (Prisoner of War)OperationsNo
John WilliamMcGuire1924-2720/05/1124/03/42 30y,10m WW2RAF34211RAF Performance Test SquadronWing CommanderDorset, UK. AFC and Bar Southampton, UKPerformance test flight of Liberator AL546 bomber - right outer engine caught fire, aircraft disintegrated.AccidentNedlandsNo
John ScottMeharry1929-3330/11/1605/04/46 29y,4m WW2RAAF7311632 Radar StationFlying OfficerPerth - Perth War Cemetery and AnnexIllnessMaylandsNo
Alan StewartMiddleton1928-3005/08/1517/07/41 25y,11m WW2RAAF406028223 SquadronPilot OfficerSuez, EgyptFayid, EgyptKilled flying accident near Suez 17/7/41, casualty report 60/41AccidentYesView
Leonard StewartMiddleton1925-2708/07/1202/11/42 30y,3m WW2RAAF406400223 SquadronFlight SergeantGhazal, EgyptEl Alamein, EgyptNavigator on Baltimore AG852 light bomber, shot down over Ghazal near El Alamein, casualty report 189/43.OperationsMaylandsYesView
Joseph BassMiller1936-3710/05/2228/04/44 21y,11m WW2RAAF40681111 SquadronPilot OfficerOff North Australia Coast - Adelaide River, DarwinLost on mission from Groote Eylandt, NT, to Manokwari, W Papua.OperationsMt LawleyNo YesView
Gordon William HenryMilne1917-1831/03/0314/02/45 41y,10m WW2ArmyWX84612/6 Field Park Company, RAESapperBorneoLabuan, Sabah, MalaysiaYesView
Alexander DavidMonro1923-2513/12/0928/07/42 32y,7m WW2ArmyWX65252/28th BattalionLieutenantEgyptEl Alamein, EgyptFighting at Ruin Ridge on 27/7/42, 2/28 Battalion surrounded by tanks and infantry, cut off, 65 KIA, ~500 POW. Died of wounds 28/7/42.OperationsNo YesView
Vernon WilliamMorgan193301/08/1718/01/43 25y,5m WW2RAAF55022 SquadronFlight LieutenantNew GuineaPt Moresby (Bomana)Pilot of Boston A28-12 practising low level bombing attacks off Port Moresby, explosion on board, crashed into the harbour. No survivors.AccidentNo
Douglas ClarkeMorphett1929-3329/01/1618/01/43 26y,11m WW2RAAF40657312 Squadron RAFFlight SergeantGermanyRunnymedePilot of Lancaster W4789, bombing mission to Berlin, aircraft missing, no known grave.OperationsNo YesView
Alex FrederickNairn1932-3405/09/1902/01/44 24y,3m WW2RAAF41535083 Squadron RAFPilot OfficerVechta, GermanySageLancaster ND354, shot down at 3am near Lutten on bombing mission to Berlin. Crew of 8, Second Pilot Alex was one of seven killed.OperationsNo YesView
Arthur RenfredNicolay1937-3822/08/2004/03/42 21y,6m WW2RAAF40601332 Squadron Flying OfficerNew GuineaRabaul MemorialPilot of Hudson A16-101, operating from 7 Mile Strip, Pt Moresby, night bombing mission to Gasmata, New Britain. Missing, no survivors.OperationsConfusion between James (school record) and JohnNo
Edward JohnOffer1933-3403/10/1928/04/43 23y,6m WW2RAAF415676No. 1 Op Training Unit, East Sale, Vic.SergeantBass Strait, VictoriaSydney MemorialPilot of Beaufort A9-304, night formation exercise, seen to dive into Bass Strait three miles east of King Island.AccidentYesView
Geoffrey RobertPalmer1938-3923/07/2214/01/45 22y,5m WW2RAAF415820223 Squadron RAFFlying OfficerBelgiumLeopoldsburg War Cemetery, Flanders, BelgiumNavigator in Liberator TT336, shot down, crashed at Meerhout in Belgium 50kms ESE of Antwerp, died of injuries.OperationsYesView
Geoffrey WalterParker1938-3913/01/1925/05/43 24y,4m WW2RAAF415439Base Torpedo NowraSergeantBeecroft, NSWNowra War Cemetery, Nowra, New South WalesPilot of Beaufort A9-115, torpedo training exercise, crashed into the sea 16kms offshore near Beecroft Head, NSW.AccidentYesView
Frank EdwardParsons1930-3426/10/1727/08/42 24y,10m WW2RAAF406579460 SquadronFlying OfficerGermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, Kleve, GermanyAircraft crashed at Gladbeck, 14kms north of Essen, OperationsYesView
Bowyer FrederickPearce1927-2914/08/1411/10/42 28y,1m WW2RAAF406168113 Squadron RAFWarrant OfficerIndiaDelhi War Cemetery, IndiaNavigator on Blenheim Z9598, struck a tree while on an Army cooperation flight at Asansol, India, 210kms NW of Calcutta.OperationsYesView
Piers Oscar GeorgeRaston1938-3921/10/2102/04/44 22y,5m WW2RAAF17641600 (City of London) Squadron RAFFlight SergeantMarcianise, ItalyCaserta War Cemetery, Caserta, Campania, ItalyBeaufighter MX1550 crashed on take off from Marcianise Landing GroundYesView
Gordon SydneyReader1926-2716/10/1317/09/44 30y,11m WW2RAAF427548102 Squadron RAFFlight SergeantMilsbeek, NetherlandsMilsbeek War Cemetery, NetherlandsNavigator-Bomb Aimer on Halifax MZ289. Training flight over North Sea, wreckage and body found in Milsbeek, Netherlands.AccidentYesView
Eric NevilleRedmond1932-3403/08/1920/11/41 22y,3m WW2RAN21849HMAS SydneySignalmanIndian OceanHMAS SydneyHMAS Sydney lost in a sea battle with German raider Kormoran 207kms west of Steep Point, WA. No survivors.OperationsYesView
Frank HowardRichardson193327/02/1714/03/43 26y,0m WW2RAAF40640911 SquadronPilot OfficerBurmaSingapore memorilBlenheim Z7927, bombing mission in Burma, shot down by Japanese fighters near Hparabyin. Buried by villagers, no known grave.OperationsYesView
Alfred ArthurRobins1931-3202/01/1708/01/45 28y,0m WW2RAAF43625478 Operational Training UnitFlight Sergeant Waters off PalestineAlamein MemorialWellington MP792, training exercise off Palestine coast, aircraft failed to return, some wreckage found.AccidentNo
Sydney LawrenceRowe1930-3313/04/1604/05/44 28y,0m WW2RAAF4158302 Embarkation DepotPilot OfficerChalons-sur-Marne, FranceChalons-en-Champagne cemetery, FranceLancaster ME673, bombing mission to Mailly-le-Camp in France, crashed in the centre of Chalons-sur-Marne. No survivors.OperationsYesView
Bernard Rinian RoyRutherford1935-3622/08/1919/05/42 22y,8m WW2RAAF406540No. 15 Advanced Flying Training UnitSergeantBurton Fleming, UKLeconfield, UKFlying solo in Oxford L9647, killed when the aircraft crashed at Burton Fleming, East Yorkshire.No YesView
Thomas Alan Rutherford1939-4003/08/2214/08/42 20y,0m WW2RAAF40662654 Operational Training UnitSergeantCharterhall, UKDuns Cemetery, UKBlenheim BA192, flown solo by Sergeant Rutherford, struck a tree two miles south of Charterhall at 0130 hours on a moonless night.
Lancelot OscarSanderson1921-2529/09/0730/12/44 37y,3m WW2ArmyWX191452/11th BattalionLance SergeantNew GuineaLae, Papua New GuineaKilled when one section of 11 Platoon was on patrol in the Matapau area west of Wewakby and was ambushed by six Japanese.OperationsYesView
Frederick John AlfredSaunders1933-3624/09/2008/06/42 21y,8m WW2RAAF406492223 Squadron RAFSergeantLibyaBenghazi War Cemetery, LibyaBomb on Baltimore AG 777 prematurely detonated while dropping over Barce.OperationsYesView
Frederick HaroldSchoch1934 only04/09/1820/11/41 23y,2m WW2RANVR33063HMAS SydneySub Lieutenant (E)Indian OceanPlymouth Naval MemorialHMAS Sydney lost in a sea battle with German raider Kormoran 207kms west of Steep Point, WA. No survivors.OperationsYesView
Alexander GordonShand1923-2526/10/1017/04/43 32y,5m WW2RAAF4066832 Air Observers School, Mt Gambier, SAFlying OfficerAdelaideAdelaide Centennial Park cemeteryNavigator-Bomb Aimer, died at 105 AGH from acute myocardial failure with complicating pulmonary tuberculosis.OperationsNoView
Ronald ArthurShea1928-2901/10/1201/04/42 29y,6m WW2ArmyWX10260Land HQ SignalsLieutenantAustraliaBox Hill, VictoriaDied as a result of injuries received in a motor accident at Park Orchards, 30kms east of Melbourne.No YesView
Ross McCullochSimpson1936-3803/07/2118/11/43 22y,4m WW2RAAF415279 90 Squadron RAFPilot OfficerGermanyRunnymedePilot of Stirling LK379, bombing mission to Mannheim, damaged by Me110 night fighter, attempted forced landing, hit tree, exploded.OperationsYesView
Kenneth HenrySlatyer1933-3420/01/1819/02/44 26y,0m WW2RAAF40679979 SquadronFlight LieutenantGoodenough Island, PapuaPt Moresby (Bomana)Spitfire A58-140 suffered a glycol leak that stopped the engine, attempted forced landing, aircraft crashed near the airfield.YesView
Leslie St ClairSmart193206/04/1608/03/44 27y,11m WW2ArmyWX31524137 General Transport Company, AASCTemp CaptainWestern AustraliaPerthAccidental while on duty. Damage to base of skull. AccidentNo YesView
WilliamSmith1917-2211/07/0403/07/45 40y,11m WW2ArmyWX16472Dept of the Army, 2nd Echelon, Land HQWar CorrespondentBalikpapan, BorneoLabuan, Sabah, MalaysiaKilled in Balikpapan, Borneo, by Australian Bren gunner who mistook Bill and John Elliott for Japanese at 630 metres.AccidentYesView
Donald Duncan JohnSmith1935-3801/02/2211/05/45 23y,3m WW2ArmyWX177922/11th BattalionCorporalNew GuineaLae, Papua New GuineaShot by a sniper while patrolling with D Company in the Wewak area.OperationsNo YesView
Douglas JamesSmyth1934-3601/10/2012/03/42 21y,5m WW2RAAF40611845 Squadron RAFSergeantNear Pegu, BurmaTaukkyan, BurmaPilot of Blenheim 9799 on low-level reconnaissance flight, mortally wounded by ground fire.OperationsYesView
Frank GeorgeSpencer1936-4022/02/2319/07/44 21y,4m WW2RAAF427360463 SquadronFlight SergeantNear Revigny, FranceCholoy, FranceBomb Aimer in Lancaster LM551 on mission to Revigny, shot down by night fighter, crashed into the Canal de la Marne near Lock 54.OperationsYesView
Harry DuncanStapledon1918-2208/07/0406/07/41 36y,11m WW2ArmyWX32462/16th BattalionLieutenantDamour, LebanonBeirut War CemeteryKilled on the Mar Mikhail Ridge in the Battle of Damour, LebanonOperationsYesView
John HenryStopp193003/07/1513/06/44 28y,11m WW2RAAF419738166 Squadron RAFFlying OfficerZelheim, NetherlandsZelhem General Cemetery, NetherlandsNavigator on Lancaster ME777, bombing mission to Gelsenkirchen, Germany. Crashed near, Zelhem, Netherlands, no survivors.OperationsYesView
Raymond ClarenceStuart1937-3809/05/2117/04/43 21y,11m WW2RAAF406702467 Squadron RAAFFlight SergeantPoix-de-Picardie, FrancePoix-de-Picardie Churchyard, FranceLancaster ED780, bombing mission to Pilsen, Czechoslavia. Nothing was heard from the aircraft and it did not return to base. OperationsYesView
Leslie GeorgeStudman1935-3830/09/2229/11/43 21y,1m WW2RAAF415745461 Squadron RAAFFlight SergeantBay of BiscayRunnymedeWireless Air Gunner in Sunderland JM676, shot down by Ju88’s of ZG 1 (1st Destroyer Wing) over Bay of Biscay, no survivors.OperationsNo YesView
Montrose EdwardSublet1927-2926/08/1415/07/43 28y,10m WW2RAAF406582244 Squadron RAFFlight SergeantBasra, IraqBasra, IraqWAG in Blenheim V BA500, Basra, Iraq. On takeoff, smoke from port engine, crashed while attempting emergency landing. No survivors.OperationsYesView
William WiltonSumner1930-3206/06/1623/05/45 28y,11m WW2ArmyVX303912/21st BattalionPrivateAmbonAmbon, IndonesiaDisembarked Ambon 17 December 1941. Reported missing 2 February, 1942, POW 17 February 1942, died of bacterial dysentery.OperationsYesView
Ronald John CarlsonTelford1928-2918/02/1527/08/45 30y,6m WW2ArmyQX349865 Mechanical Equipment WorkshopCaptainBalikpapan, BorneoLabuan, Sabah, MalaysiaDied of abdominal colic, acute appendicitis, peritonitis in 2/12 Australian General Hospital, Balikpapan, Borneo.OperationsNo YesView
Charles RichardTownsend1932-3415/07/1813/05/43 24y,9m WW2RAAF406964199 Squadron RAFSergeantHaarlem, N HollandRunnymedeBomb Aimer on Wellington HZ263, body washed ashore 32kms north of Haarlem, Netherlands. No survivors.OperationsMaylandsYesView
Arthur EdwinTurner1933-3518/03/2026/01/42 21y,10m WW2RAAF40619136 Squadron, attached to RAFPilot OfficerEndau, MalayaKranji, SingaporeNavigator on Vildebeeste K6392, crashed 10km SE of Endau, Malaya. Partly submerged nose-down in a swamp.OperationsNAA has incorrect DOD of 2/2/42YesView
Colin GeoffreyVeal193618/02/1125/02/42 31y,0m WW2RAAF406335No. 27 Operational Training UnitSergeantIrish SeaRunnymedeWellington X9682No
Roy Thomas AstonWallis193717/12/2010/07/42 21y,6m WW2RAAF406269250 Squadron RAFSergeantOff Libyan coastAlamein MemorialKittyhawk bombing raid on Landing Ground 21 in Libya, shot down by enemy fighters, parachuted into sea, unable to be rescued.OperationsNo YesView
Albert Ernest WilliamWebb1926-3021/02/1303/07/42 29y,4m WW2RAAF406272460 SquadronFlying OfficerGermanyRunnymedeWellington Z1470 bombed Bremen, shot down at 1:10am by night fighter over Holland. One survivor.OperationsYesView
George BryantonWeller1936-3825/08/2205/04/43 20y,7m WW2RAAF40696818 SquadronSergeantNear Darwin, NTAdelaide River, DarwinB-25 Mitchell N5-140, armed recce of Dili, Timor. Lost approx one mile seaward of Nightcliffs near Darwin at 7:20pm.OperationsYesView
Frank WatsonWildy1927-3009/07/1417/11/42 28y,4m WW2RAAF415208No. 1 Operational Training UnitPilot OfficerBairnsdale, VicBairnsdale, VictoriaBeaufort A9-5, navigation training exercise, stalled while attempting a forced landing near Bairnsdale, Vic.AccidentNo
Gordon HaroldWilson1937-3827/02/2125/07/43 22y,4m WW2RAAF406497No. 9 Service Flying Training SchoolLeading AircraftmanCrediton, CanadaExeter, CanadaAvro Anson 7291, solo flight training, crashed during night circuits and landings at Crediton, 209kms west of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.AccidentNo
Frederick JohnWorkman1933-3424/11/1706/02/42 24y,2m WW2RAAF40637821 Squadron RAFPilot OfficerPalermo, SicilyCatania, ItalyPilot of Blenheim DZ9812, crashed in Palermo harbour, Sicily. Captured, died as POW.OperationsYesView

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